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In a page that many deemed blatantly racist, “eu não mereço mulher preta” (I don’t deserve a black woman) was taken down by Facebook after numerous complaints about its content.

The page blatantly exalted the beauty of white women while simultaneously demeaning black women.

She's also quite the seductress, and consequently, all the boys fight amongst themselves -- sometimes literally -- to be her oppressed boyfriend.

All this leaves her with the belief that she can do whatever she likes without consequences.

“The black funkeiras are always by themselves,” said Carlinha, a teenage preta (black girl), “dancing alone and with each other.” The pattern is not just visible at dances….”It’s hard to stand next to a uma menina mais clara (a lighter girl) at a party.

A guy passes by, he looks at you, he looks at her, he says something to her.” Also in Rio, Donna Goldstein reports situations in which people seem to know that dark-skinned blacks are too dark to be considered “Cinderella types” or fashion models, even if no one verbally states this opinion. In Brazil, as the media is dominated by the European standard of beauty, it’s not hard to tell that the European phenotype is considered more physically attractive by a majority of the population regardless of race, even if people don’t acknowledge this sentiment verbally.

Despite being a not-too-bright, unpleasant, bullying, and mean-spirited excuse-for-a-human determined to put down everyone except an elite few deemed worthy of her goodwill -- and she's usually kind of a bitch even to them -- she will still be the most popular girl in school, surrounded by a fawning Girl Posse who suck up to her and act as her faithful minions.

Rare male Alpha Bitches do exist, but they're just that - rare.

Nicole Arbour likely won't make many friends in the plus-sized department at her local department store, but she's shaking things up on the obesity front.

Take your typical setting involving teenagers -- say, a High School -- wait an establishing scene or two or three, and there she is.

See that attractive blonde cheerleader looking down her nose and sneering at the frumpy girl in glasses? The Distaff Counterpart to the Jerk Jock and probably his girlfriend; what he does with his fists, she does with a sharp tongue and sharper manipulation.

The author went on to state something that many black Brazilian women believe to be true also: black Brazilian men prefer white women.

The issue is one that fires up any social network debate and is often divisive within black Brazilian social media circles.

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Her latest video, which has already surpassed 3.5 million views since being uploaded on September 3, specifically targets a newfound plus-size "hashtag" campaign that seeks to normalize being overweight.

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