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Exercise Number: 2R6 Pen Pals A letter from one friend to another.

Exercise Number: 2R7 Eating Out Four people talk about the last time they went out to eat.

Vocabulary Definition Quiz Read the definitions of words used in the text.

Exercise Number: 2R10 Reading Comprehension Multiple Choice Answer these multiple choice questions about the text.

Wow this is gonna make me sound very whorish and i'm not because i'm a virgin but....boyfriend has told me today in school that he thinks i'm horny 24-7.

Earlier that morning in a joking way he said "we never cuddle." I would say that my boyfriend and I have a very healthy relationship but i'll agree it tends to be heavy on the sexual stuff sometimes.

I ask him constantly if I get to be "too much" and he says no he would not be as happy if i were any different.

What makes matters worse is that I am currently four hours away at school and every time we see each after being apart a week or two (even when we have had full intentions of not being sexual) we end up falling into our old habits.The video starts with a young man who tells viewers about himself reminiscent to an online dating ad. I work at Robert Dyas and I'm gay."I like going out with my friends and playing volleyball."I also like showing our gay and straight customers our funky range of Christmas gifts."Some comments on social media were amused by the coming out of the store worker but decided that the use of "funky" was more than a little toe-curling.Marcus also show off some of the products on offer including a Christmas tree as "perfect for a gay person… The video cuts to a woman who says: "I'm bisexual and I always find something I like at Robert Dyas," looking with interest at a spiralizer – a razor-sharp cutting devices that creates thin ribbons of vegetable.However, this makes me mad because HE started making inuendos and touching me and slapping my *** in school!(I hate my *** slapped in school) I am so confused! Additional Details 6 minutes ago If this was a serious matter wouldn't he tell me personally, instead of dropping me these ridiculous hints.

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Q: “My girlfriend and I are Christians but we are sexually active.

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