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Students and faculty who are LDS are required to submit an affidavit (called an "ecclesiastical endorsement") stating that they are active participants in the LDS Church.

The affidavit must be signed by LDS church leaders and be resubmitted annually.

The Slide Canyon, or Y Mountain Trail, leads to a large block Y located 1.2 miles (1.9 km) from a parking area at the mountain's base.

Mutual also offers an option for LDS singles to share where they went on their mission, the app's creator and founder, Cooper Boice, told the Deseret News.

"It's a mobile app, so it doesn’t require being on your laptop like some of the older LDS dating sites," he said.

An employee of mine unexpectedly quit, what do I need to do and who do I contact to fill the position?

More on Ending Employment What is BYU-Idaho’s Dress and Honor Code?

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I am coming to BYU-Idaho for an interview, is there a map of campus I can access to find my way around the university?

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