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How can your sex life affect the rest of your life?

It has been the common template of a lot of famous film scripts like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Finding Nemo, etc.”Campbell’s hero’s journey also applies to personal development: personal change follows, more or less, this narrative.Both of us had books come out at about the same time concerning the search for love.According to the research, saying 'I love you' normally happens after five months of dating (144 days), whereas you'll have to wait a total of six months before being given a drawer at your partner's house.Over a quarter (28 per cent) of people surveyed also said they would wait at least six months before leaving their toothbrush at their partner’s house, whilst 40 per cent said the same for being given a drawer at their partner's house.The study also revealed that a third of Brits (33 per cent) will have their first conversation about their long-term future within a year, whilst the big commitment milestones of engagement rings, wedded bliss and babies all come later.

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