Dating someone hard of hearing

We bluff in our relationships, at work, with strangers and even – it’s sad to think how low we can sink – during appointments with our hearing care professional.

and Hearing Loss, we asked respondents to share any comments they had about survey questions, as well as any general comments, tips, or stories they wanted to provide.

I prefer someone who can hear normally because it makes my life easier, I know that may sound selfish but, I depend on my guy to hear the things I cannot when we go out in public and he helps me a lot. I have found that it is best to tell people in person about my hearing loss.

In online dating situations, many people will just assume that it will be hard to communicate with someone with a hearing loss and will not continue communicating or attempting a date once knowing this information.

The response was incredible and provided many diverse viewpoints on hearing loss and relationships!

Here are some of the best tips, advice, and stories you shared: Do you prefer to date someone with hearing loss?

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