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* De Rejlitnlione Temper atinm pro Ricardo Cor ten Epifcopo )• Oxmicn J! El idcis tibi ptxcipimus quod prxfato Ele£lo Temporalis prx- dset: Epifcopatus Oxouiewfi prxaicli , Cum peninenuu, in Balli- va tuatc Tccptu prxexccptis) una cum exitibus 6c proficuis inde, a die tran flat lonii ulrimi Epifcopi ibidem hucufque provenienta li- tre crcicemia , abfquc aliquo Compoto auc afiquo alto proinde, quoquo modo reddendo, folvcndo vcl facicndo fine dilatione li- ber c, tlvo Jure Cujullibet. Tefte Rege apud fftfli ootnafleriam , ferto die Nevemirii. Ins Majcihcs Servant , to attende his Majcfties Commt Biot KTs as cr poor informer at Commi. Pro Jabanne Mohan, Ret , dccimo-quinto Die Aprtlit , creavit Johtnaem Mohan Pro Thama Smith Milita. fuch Perfons , and in fuch manner , and in fuch places as are he- rein direfted and intended, but that they ufe their uttermoft po- wers and endeavours by all lawful! And our further Will and Commaund is, That not onelyour El non von Ion dr ordonnom de pint , que not fculrment not laid Commiffioners.

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PRINCIPES, VEL COMMUNITATES, A B Ineunte S^ECULO DUODECIMO, viz. Ad noftra u/cjuc tcmpora, habita aut traftata: Ex Autograph* , infra Secrctiorcs ARCHI V O R'U M REGIORUM Tf WW.r;,. Tcfte Rc’c apud U'e/mtaafentm , vicc Gmo fepcimo die Ocio- trii. Jairtt Jr Fit at xd dot d: ftrrmttt irrco*- ill former Tymes he hath done , whoe is to acquainte his Ma- ftaneet de reus fi recbrrcbrrtat an let a.comamdeiaent , dr fi jellies laid Commiffioners with the State of the feverall Cafes font etas fi acxpteat ettte favtar de So Moief U id ‘fax f U! which are or (hall be appointed by Os to Commiffairti qni font n o im u ds on qui U feront poor cet effrt , mail this purpofe , but alfoe all other our Jufticts of Pace, maiors, encore ton let autre t Juget de P ajx , Moire t, Sheriff, Bailhfi dr Sheriffs , Bayhffs , and ocher our cheife Officers in all the Porta ton autrei me primipaux Offciert dam ton lei Ports de mire Rttan- of out Ralrre of England, and Dominion aforefaid , and Port me 7 .

per multa Sjtcula reconditis „ fideliter cxfcripta. at of thofe , that foatl leeke a Compolition as sforefaid, and whoe te foal pat , far fit F oa entamera tellei aatrn procedures, pour doe accert this his Majcfties Grace, and whoe not , whereupon fiattntr le Droit dr te Tstre de Sa Alajrfib, id pour accroitre fin foch further Proceedings may be had for the mayntaineing of Rtvena , f» ton troavrra foftt. Rex , vice B mo- primo Die Jain .creavit Johtnnrm Savila Mi- ceftma- litcm in Gradum fie Dignitatem Baron 13 Savilt de Pamfret in noaa. *■ **■ TT7HEREAS Wee have been reformed, that fondry of our Subje&j AUflrri , omd Ovimm ef Shipps , refpc&ing more their private Game and Advantage , then the publiqur good and ftfery of Us, and our Domynioro, doe dayiy fell or other- wife dilpofc to Strangers snd Foreyoen their Shipper and other V elicit , to the great e diilervice of Us and of the Scstc ut weak rung the Navigation of thbr Kingdotne, Wee , uking the fame into our Princely confideration , and forefeeing the manie inconvcnicncies which will enfuc, if the fame be not prevented , or the Offenders (if any fuch (hall he- reafter be founde) be not fcvercly punifhed , by the advice of oor Privy Councell , doe hereby ftraightiy charge and com- maund.

e produtt de at deurgci d/f endue r, nun ejhmeront te , or anie Provifions for Slipping , or Munitions for Warre, ttt Vatjfaux ft waribjxdtfit de tonne pri/e ft lei tnid/reront or returning thence in the lame Voyage with the proceed of the commelrgittmemen coujt fruit pan notre uftge, lorfrue mot Vat faux bid Prohibited Goods : Wee hould the laid Shipps and Goods let fatfiren, on pour f ufagt it ceux gut nitant point a not gagtt fc- foc taken for lawful Prize , and caulc them to be ordered as rout Julertfri par det Let ten de marque an Grand- Scent de f Ami - Shipps and Goods dudy forfeited for the benefit! Donat i autre Gear de Whitehall , It fxieme de Decembre. of the faid Forrefts or Parkes , but purchafcd or ufed by his Majeftie for the ufe of hrs Deere , which faid Forrefts anti Parkes being Dtfaforrefted and Dtfparkcd, and the Deere deftroyed, the Prcmiftes are carried awaie without anie Graunte thereof from the Crowne. And forther , bccaulc Wee underffand too well what greate Defftudtton hath of late Yeares been made of Tymber fit t for Shipping, and bow little care and providence hath been ufed to rrclerve the fame according to our Laws ; Wee doc further Knightly charge and commiutv! That all and every our loving Subicils in their fevesai places , doe prderve all fuch Tymber, as fhall be fitt for Shipping, with tbeir bcfl endeavors , as they tender our favour , and the danger of our Lawcs , and would the contrary at their uttennoft pcnlks.

of our fclves, rauti, comme tl eft dtt u-dejfn , ft jut let anon fatld ft arritfi where our Shipps (hall arrefl the lame , and to the benefitt of fuch others, as being not in our Wages but otherwile authors-. All Manners , Lands , Tenements and other the Pretraftej which ought to be in Charge and are not , but fotne Fee Farme Rent aunlwearcd , as if there were noe more due unto h’s Ma- jetty , whereas in truth the Land it felf bclongeth unto the Crowne-, or fuch Lands and other the Premii Tes where both the Lands and Rents Hand in Charge , and the Rent aunfwcared , and yet the Parties (be enjoying the faid Lands never had any Graunt thereof from the Ciowne; or fueh Lands and other the Prcmilics where the Lends ftartd in Charge as Lands , and yet the Rents (land not in Charge , nor have brene aunfwcared un- to the Crowne by them tbat ptetend iiuertft in the faid Lands. Given at our Court it Uomtftcb, the Tathrlb iaj ef Julj. D *A UT A NT que ntms fornmet mform/s qtse divert de not Sujetf f Miirrcs 6c Propricrairc* de Navires , ayamt plus dfgard'i leur gmtn dr prefit parti cmltrr , qu 'an Bten public i la furt U de moms dr do net Etats , vendent tout Us yours dr dsfpofmt de Uurt V* ifftamx df N a vires a da Etrangeri y am grand prejudice de metre Per femme dr de mat Efatt , dr * la rmnu de U Navigation de c§ Royasme .

Game Info: Description: EVA EVA 4 sim date RPG V1.01: Author: Klacid Anthony Harrell (tent).., subtitled in English Neon Genesis Evangelion: Iron Maiden 2nd, is a Gainax-produced adventure anime-style video game, and manga based on that game, set in the alternate universe seen in episode 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion.For each item you can modify the given info, add notes, attach files and screenshots, as well as external web links.Zed under the Greate Seale of our Aumyralty as is afotetud by • Letters of Marque, have Bayed and arreiled the lame. The Ccrumijfinm to fell anie of the Premides, which are not fettled by the aforctaid Aftc, in Fee Simple, Fee Farme, Fee Tatlc , tor Tetme of Life , Lives, or Yean (as the Cafe ihall require) unto the p-efent Potlcflbrsof the Inheritance, but upon their refufal or witfoil Neglect of this his Majefttes intended Grace , the laid Commiflioners to fell ante of the aforefatd Pre- mifles to fuch others , as fhall be Suitors for the fame, and for the furrounded Grounds and fuch like , where there is noe pre- fcnt Poi Teilbrs, to fuch as will compounde for the fame And where the Tenure appesteth upon Recorde, the former Tenure is to be referved, but where noe Tenure appearcth, the- re the Tenure is to be in Soccage. _ , _ garner fur la Mer a r avemr pluficurt pdtnraget dr Ttrrtt tout got t anx Forett on Pant dn K oi , dr pui n/anmoim n’rn font point partie, matt jut ont Ilf ae- jntt o* eneploptt par Sa Majrfti a f nfage it Jet hint fanvti , kt- jueilrs Forets on Para apart tt4 drjrubft toatet let femmes dr let proediaret tfm’o M aura temari dans notrt Coot it i Amir and , an fajrt iet pn- Jrt yn aarent dtd faitet on atd fe feroat a favtatr , tn verta iet Let tret ie marque on ie reprrjaiflet lorfqa'on m aura dtaklt lopped enfarme ordinaire dt Droit , taat Jet caafet fti font a prdfeat tn- ddeijetoa fai f rat die ei Jrvaat ,que dr ee Uet aai le feroat a f event par devaat ladite Cent i dr dr itnprmr- hfditrt featemeet , it let eajfer, ih taper on rentavt Utr, amp jue vent le jngeret cottvtnohle felon voire Jeatmrmt ( on it troit on plat i'tttlre vent, dr jot tee differ nrtri caafet le iemanierom en denied , dr qnt votes on troit on plat ie von aarez ideoavert la vdritd it ert chafer , par fexa- men its tdmoias d ferment on fiat ferment , on par eve! Confiderans (ft cbpfet dr pr/voyam Us grands inconvfaient qmi ere r/fm/terowt f Pen mt porte dm remede , Mr ft Pom me pmmt S point ft* veremeut la dupable* ( t*il Pen tronve qutlquet-unt a Panjentr) y stout ordannans dr cornmandons exprefjfment , par la Pr/fente , de I' avis de metre Comfeil Prtvd , quaucun de mot Smjett om amtres ami dense** rent feus metre ob4iflamce y de qmelque rang om semditien quilt ft tent , me 1 arroge dire dement m indtrederntmi de vendre , a l Uner , om dsfpefer de qmelqme mamirre quo ee frit d'auemn Navtre om Vaiffean de tout sort , qmi attra ft* Cat 's dams mot Etats om dehors , ami ft* ra em hat dt navigtr fur Mery a amemne perfonne nle dans (e Pays on qmi y tint fin Dominie , fims prime de mo/re dt fir ace & del eba* foment Us pint rtgourenx qm'on powrra /ear mfisger par let Leix dr., Given at our Court* at Whitehall the Fifteenth Day of OBo- Dmni i uttrt Ceur de Whitehall, It « umxdemt /OSobte. Jrut a pre/ent ft evidmet , urn m not pro- • pm Sujrtt, ut xot Al Uit ft Confiddris nt c * r *" fauroient problablemnt prfteudre de f igno- red i ft i autan fue notre del Frtrr (e Roi de France a publti deux dtvtrfet Dl- tljraiami , f uue du quatorzaesne de Mai mille fix ccro vinxi Sc lent . And Rnfrr r Tpprr of Graies Innc hia Majefties Servaunte is to attende the fata Commiflloners in the Execution and Profe- cut»n of the laide Com million. puts antret voyts Idgttimn , afin ie mietx rffetlatr not re komne miration i ret (lari. Ret, quarto Die Aain Rt, crcavit Fhthfpnm Stanhope Baroncm ctfima- Stanhopr in Gradum Sc Dignitatem Comitis Cbeflrrfield Ubi fie mm. Us Statmts de ce Royaume y om par metre Prerogative Roy ale.

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