Putin daughter dating korean

The 26-year-old man's father was quoted as urging the newspaper not to report the news.

Russian president Vladimir Putin may appear in the news on a daily basis, but almost nothing is known about his daughters, Mariya, 27 and Yekaterina, 25.

A Korean man identified only by his surname Yoon who was reported to be dating Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's daughter has quit the Moscow office of Samsung Electronics after only a month in the job.

A Samsung spokesman said Wednesday, "Yoon quit voluntarily due to concerns about his personal safety after word spread that he was dating Prime Minister Putin's daughter Yekaterina Putina." "As rumors spread about Yoon's relationship with Putin's daughter, concerns were raised about possible attacks from terrorist groups," the spokesman said.

The assertion that Yekaterina is to marry – made by an authoritative South Korean newspaper – threatens to undermine the Russian prime minister's painstaking efforts to keep his own personal life and that of his two daughters out of the limelight.

But the English-language Joong Ang Daily newspaper said it had learnt that Yekaterina would soon marry the son of former Admiral Yoon Jong-Gu who worked at the South Korean embassy in Moscow in the 1990s.

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